Please note, this calculator only applies for the milling of an entire log(s). This does not include any pickup/delivery charge. You must purchase all the lumber milled from the log(s). You are not guaranteed the board foot given by the log's overall volume if there is rot in your log. The milled lumber will be green. Also, there is a $30 blade fee if we hit foreign material. There is a $40 minimum per log. 

Milling lumber is priced soley by the board foot ($0.40/bdft plainsawn; $0.60/bdft quarter sawn). The tree species/weight portion of the calculator below helps us estimate how much wood we can pickup at once (if that applies to your situation).

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Diameter (inches) Length (feet) Tree Species Weight (pounds) Scribner (boardfeet) Plain Sawn Quarter Sawn
Total for all trees 0 0 $0 $0